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El Biotipo En Persona
El Biotipo himself in person.

This website is a repository for all my worldbuilding, writing, and other projects, as well as some reviews -I prefer writing reviews in text-, recommendations, and other random rants.

The growing list of Worldbuilding Projects:

Worldbuilding Articles:
Just my general thoughts on worldbuilding, my favorite hobby. Suggestions, tutorials, techniques, rants, and more to come.

¡Pachamama Despierta! Tales From A Biopunk South America:
Biopunk, space trees, talking dolphins, latinofuturism, Argentine jokes and more! (coming soon)

Gauchos En El Espacio:
 It's the year 2500 and something. Nations have spread across space. And so have Argentine Gauchos. (coming soon)

The Greatest Scam: A Post-Singularity Future:
What happens when cryptomining is taken to its logical conclusion? The apocalypse and a communist revolution, of course!

América Invicta:
A fantasy Latin America where the great native empires were never conquered, and magic awaits in every mountain, forest and river.

Alternate History:
What if? Maps, vignettes, articles and so on from worlds where history turned to be just a little different. (coming soon)

El Sueño De Hoy (castellano):
A series of microfictions in Spanish I did for every day in 2018-2019. 365 in total. (coming soon)

Biology stuff:

I am a biologist specialized in anthropology and ecology. Let me share my questionably useful knowledge with you!
(coming soon)

Other Stuff:

Sim Earth Fan Site
A forgotten gem by Maxis. Simulate an entire planet, 1990s style.

Spore Fan Site
An awesomely creative game that certainly deserves better. (coming soon!)

Fate of the World Fan Site
 A game were you try to save the world from global warming. Ridiculously hard, but I have tips for it!

Planetes Fan Site
Probably the most underrated anime ever. (coming soon! BUT GO WATCH IT ANYWAYS.)


Don't you miss when Google wasn't the only website that ever existed, and every first result was a Wikipedia page? (nothing against Wikipedia, of course!) Aren't you tired about all the clickbait and having to resort to boring papers and sketchy social media to get your info? Me too! Here I'll curate useful links for my various interests, chosen and curated by a real person (me), like we did in the Old, Old Web. (yes, you guessed it, coming soon!)

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